Hi Mama, & Welcome

There is no feeling in this world like holding your baby in your arms. Whether they're only a few days old or 5 years, they're still your baby and you'll hold them forever. Staring at their sweet face, holding their tiny hands and nibbling on their little toes. Those days and years go by so so fast, and all you have when they're grown is your memories and photographs.

Since becoming a mother myself I have viewed family photographs in a whole new light. I now see how truly fleeting time is and how quick babies grow up. In the midst of routines, teething and the sleepless nights, it's so easy to forget to stop and enjoy the sweet moments in motherhood. I now love capturing those same little moments during sessions, I look for the things I would love to see and remember as a mom. They truly are only little once, and it's so important to be able remember that time.

"Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today is my new favorite day"

—Winnie the Pooh